I’ve been thinking about Dio’s little stasis period during Battle Tendency, about what life would be like in a box at the bottom of the ocean for 100 years. More importantly, what he would hear, as that is the only sense that really matters in such a place as Dio’s specialized coffin.

Assuming that the ship exploded relatively close to the east coast of North America, and assuming that the route the ship took was from England to Massachusetts, I took into account the fact that the depth of the ocean had to be enough for a 1980’s fishing boat to find the coffin at the ocean floor.

Having a rough area for which Dio to reside, I began to look into what bottom-dwelling fish were common in that general area between 1888 and the mid-1980’s. I couldn’t find much info for the earlier parts of that range, obviously, but I found a few rough estimates and a bit more accurate data on the later periods. I also began to sift through the creatures and see what ones made noise.

I came up with this soundscape after a few hours of research and construction. As water carries sound better than (though not as clearly as) air, I also took into account a few other ambient noises like current and ships. Keep in mind that Dio had to sit through 100 years of this. What would that do to a person?